St. Rita School


Mount Lebanon
Main Road Dbayeh




The school of tomorrow or the challenge of today…

The fear of the unknown serves as an impediment to the momentum of life, especially at a time when crises succeed one another and events are challenging to make believe that a solution will shine in the near future.

Because tomorrow begins today and because success is a decision, Saint Rita School chose life. Thus, success is born following a determination that requires precision and perseverance. Each decision challenges the decision maker and the situation around him, and according to Nelson Mandela “After climbing a high hill, you realize that there are still many hills to climb”, the rest is yet to come.

Considering that difficulties are obstacles to overcome or hills to climb, education seeks to train the man, the citizen and the worker.

Hence the mission of the school that prepares the adult of tomorrow to live in society.

However, the school is asked to transmit values and norms of behavior, to create social bonds and to train citizens. These responsibilities mark the aims of Catholic teaching, which Saint Rita School is a part of.

If the wealth of a country lies in the level of education of its population, Saint Rita School has chosen the challenge by going from the modernization of its system through the integration of technology, which leads to university and consequently to a professional future. The launching of our project was not easy, but the expectations of our students, their parents and society encourage us to remain vigilant.

The future belongs to those who believe in God and in themselves.

Father Bechara Khoury