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Mount Lebanon
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Scouting, a vision for human values!

Scouting is a youth movement based on the learning of important values, such as solidarity, mutual aid and respect. Its purpose is to help the young person form his character and build his personality while contributing to his physical, mental and spiritual development so that he can be an active citizen in society. To achieve this goal, Scouting is based on practical activities in nature, but also on indoor activities, aimed more at intellectual learning. Scouting is based on a law and a promise and generally has a religious or spiritual dimension.

Youth needs to feel useful. More than just entertainment, Scouting is a commitment to serve others. By Good Action we offer Scouts the reflexes of service and help. This is the meaning of our motto “Always ready”. Participation in humanitarian operations, alms raising, collection of medicine or clothing, preparation of a Christmas or Easter eve in an orphanage; these are all occasions for turning the adolescent towards others and teaching him to join the act to the word. This teaches him to have a positive outlook on the world and to act positively.

“Love must put itself into actions more than words.” (St Ignatius)