St. Rita School


Mount Lebanon
Main Road Dbayeh



Elementary School

Head of Elementary Division : Mr. Charbel Kmeid.

Assistant : Mrs. Aline Jabre.

The elementary division is composed of six classes:

Elementary 1 : EB1 , EB2 , EB3.

Elementary 2 : EB4 , EB5 , EB6.

A various and rich program is adapted to students needs, providing rewarding educational and cultural activities and allowing for various learning experiences. The curricula aims to develop oral and written communication skills of students and guides them to be liberal and responsible citizens. The work sequences in all disciplines aim at logic, analytical spirit, and synthesis by means of deduction and generalizations.

Teachers, in collaboration with parents, contribute to school life, by giving their time and by investing their energy to help the promising buds blossom.

The head of division faithfully accomplishes academic, administrative, and disciplinary tasks to create an appropriate educational climate for students. The two divisions complete each other in the following mission: achieve the best goals set by the school as well as create cultivated, educated, and thriving students.

Supported by a team of qualified teachers, the head of division assures the smooth running of the work in her division and ensures close collaboration among parents, teachers, and the administration.