St. Rita School


Mount Lebanon
Main Road Dbayeh



School Facilities

School equipment:

    • CDI: Offers students the opportunity to open up to the world of education through a variety of rich textbooks.
    • A well-equipped computer lab: Serves to enrich a student’s cultural understanding and allows him or her to travel around the world from the comfort of his or her desk to learn about new cultures.
    • Laboratory: Allows students to broaden their knowledge through practical work in physics, chemistry, and biology.
    • A nurse: Provides the most professional and tender care when necessary in the case of illness or injury.
    • A cafeteria: Offers healthy snacks and refreshments.
    • Athletic activities service: Gives potential athletes the opportunity to discover their physical skills.
    • An audio-visual room: Meets the requirements of the current pedagogy and teaching didactics of the new curriculum.

School activities and extracurricular activities:

St. Rita School, Dbayeh, is acutely aware of the importance of extracurricular activities. In this context, various activities, such as participation in art contests and inter-school tournaments, excursions, and school trips are organized, fusing entertainment with knowledge and teaching the nation’s history in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.