St. Rita School


Mount Lebanon
Main Road Dbayeh




St. Rita School comprises three divisions: Primary I and II, Intermediate and Secondary.

Pre-School division:
It is a preparatory phase for primary level. The main objectives at this level are socialization, the implementation of language and numbers and of graphic movement. The art of living in group starts to be developed at this stage, as well as the art of reading, writing and mathematics.

Primary Division:
At this level the students develop their skills by being introduced to the basic elements and tools of knowledge. They receive an appropriate education that aims to develop their intelligence, sensibility and various skills, as they progressively acquire methodological knowledge.

Intermediate Division:
At this stage the students develop their knowledge and competences in various disciplines while preparing for the pursuit of their formation and future active participation to the evolution of society.

Secondary Division:
At this level, the bonds between school and daily life are strengthened with knowledge and competences that allow the learner to be oriented towards higher education, being well loaded with basic concepts and theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of culture, science and modern technology.